Welcome to our story and what drives us to do what we do.

Love and care is what is at the heart of all parenthood and this is what we want to bring into your home for your little ones.

Theodore and Raffy are our two wonderful little boys…currently 3 and 1 years old.
They are what have inspired me and my husband to create this brand and we hope you can find some items that inspire you for your home across our website.

At Theodore and Raffy we wanted to source the most organic and sustainable products available, focussing on essential ‘must have’ items that every parent will need whilst their children are aged between 0-5 years old.

You know reading this that everyday is a wild adventure with babies, toddlers and children so please take a breath (if you get 2 minutes free that is) and browse our beautiful product collections – we hope you find some items that you love.

Thank you

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